Scientists appeal for help digitalising records to help it understand UK weather patterns

  • Video report from ITV News' Science Editor Tom Clarke

UK climate and weather scientists areappealing to members of the public to help them collate millions of weather records to give forecasters a better understanding of how the UK's climate works.

They say they need support to collate the records from handwritten copies to digital records which can be analysed by computers.

Some of records date back as early as the 1800s.

Dr Mark McCarthy from the Met Office told ITV News: "To understand our climate properly we need to look for as longer period as we possibly can, and actually here in the UK we have a slight advantage because we've always been really interested in the weather."

Operation Weather Rescue wants the public to go online and type in the millions of individual weather observations from the past so that meteorologists and climatologists can use them.

Scientists hope it will help future generations prepare for the effects of climate change, particularly as weather events become more unexpected.