'It's not over' - British IS woman tells ITV News militant group will return as it loses ground in Syria

A woman who claims she fled Britain to join so-called Islamic State in Syria has told ITV News that the caliphate is "not yet over".

The woman, who did not reveal her identity, told ITV News that she does not believe the group will be defeated.

IS is now confined to a patch of land in Baghuz, Syria, and territorial defeat is expected in the next few days.

The woman, who has only just escaped Baghuz, fled with her young son and a few bags of belongings.

But while her dream of a utopian Islamic State is evaporating, she remains adamant that the militant group will return.

Islamic State is down to its last patch of land in Syria. Credit: PA

Speaking of those left behind in Baghuz, she said: "The people don't have food. They're struggling for food and money and everything is expensive, so I don't know how they're going to keep living."

She told ITV News that the people there were "tired" and that morale was "low".

"It's like a rollercoaster for the people," she said.

"Some want to leave, some don't want to leave. Some are hungry, some are not hungry. Some are tired, some are not tired."

The woman, who converted to Islam seven years ago, said she was enticed to Syria by the group's propaganda.

The woman fled Baghuz with just her son a bag of belongings.

After travelling to Syria she married a fighter, but he was killed two months ago, she told ITV News.

What will happen to the many children and women like her who have either escaped or left Islamic State's clutches remains unclear.

But when asked whether IS is almost over, she remained defiant.

"Not over. Not over yet," she said.