Independent Group MP Heidi Allen: I'd want Nick Clegg in my fantasy cabinet but I'm too emotional to be prime minister

In the latest episode of our podcast Acting Prime Minister, ITV News gives Independent Group MP Heidi Allen the hypothetical keys to Number 10 and asks her: What would you do?

The MP for South Cambridgeshire defected from the Conservatives to join the Independent Group in February. Mrs Allen was one of three Tory MPs and eight Labour MPs who broke away from their parties to form the new group.

She tells ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand the Independent Group is having to 'stem the enthusiasm' of further Conservative MPs who are considering defecting, as taking any more than "two or three" Tory MPs could destabilise the government.

She reveals why she would have former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in her fantasy cabinet - and who she'd sack. Mrs Allen gives an honest assessment of herself, explaining why she thinks she wouldn't make a good prime minister. "I cry all the time, I'm terrible, I'm too emotional by half", she says.

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