ITV investigation reveals extent of online abuse and death threats aimed at MPs in 'Exposure: Brexit Online Uncovered'

The debate around Brexit has descended into sinister online abuse aimed at politicians, a new ITV documentary has found.

Exposure: Brexit Online Uncovered shows the extent of hate mail and death threats sent to some MPs.

Anna Soubry, a member of The Independent Group formed recently by a cross-party cohort of rebel MPs, read the type of abuse she has received online.

"Well done you have committed treason and your heads belong on spikes outside," she read.

Anna Soubry shows ITV programme Exposure: Brexit Online Uncovered the abuse she received on Twitter. Credit: Exposure: Brexit Online Uncovered

Speaking about the level of abuse aimed at politicians, Ms Soubry said:"This is not our country, this is not country. And it's just accepted, it's accepted and it shouldn't be, it's disgraceful."

Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered by a far right extremist during the 2016 referendum campaign.

MPs showed the programme how her death is often used as a threat in anonymous tweets.

Suella Bravermann a pro-Brexit MPs also told the ITV team how the colour of her skin has been used against her in online comments.

The year old investigation by the ITV Exposure documentary team revealed that the abuse is perpetuated by organised campaigns aimed at silencing MPs and undermining democracy.

Those who have sent the tweets featured in the programme have been given a right to reply.

Watch 'Exposure: Brexit Online Uncovered at 10.45pm, Monday, 4 March'.