Andy Murray: 'If I'm not able to play again, I'll be okay with that'

Andy Murray has told ITV News "if he is unable to play tennis he would be be okay with that", following his hip surgery.

Speaking to Sports Editor Steve Scott, the three-time major champion said he has felt a lot more relaxed following his latest operation but remains unsure whether he will be able to play top-level tennis again.

Murray has had a metal joint implanted in a bid to overcome a problem which first became a serious issue in the summer of 2017.

The two-time Wimbledon champion said he was previously in a lot of pain during tennis practices.

He said he told his team: "I'm done, I don't want to do this anymore, I want to stop, like I need an end point, so I was like I'm going to try and get through to Wimbledon and that's it, because I'm not being in pain post that, it's not fair on myself."

He added he was getting nowhere with rehabilitaion and interventions.

The tennis star said he is going to wait and take it as it comes, in terms of playing competitively, and would still play in his spare time.

When asked whether he would drop down to the lower leagues like some professional footballers, Mr Murray said: "I'm not sure ... the thing is I would still play tennis, whether I stop today or in five years time, I would still play in my spare time and enjoy it."

Andy Murray said on January he felt Credit: Instagram/Andy Murray

Mr Murray continued: "I'd always want to be involved with it in some way but in terms of I don't know how far, if I got to 70, would it need to be top 10 or top 20, I don't know.

"But being pain free is the number one thing and we'll just see in the next few months," he added.