Thousands of civilians who lived in territory held by so-called Islamic State are being evacuated as the caliphate enters what western observers claim are its final days.

Women and children are among those being helped to leave the terror group's last stronghold, a small arid village in eastern Syria.

5,000 civilians were initially thought to need assistance. That number has increased dramatically.

50,000 people are believed to have fled, Syrian Democratic Forces told ITV News. Credit: ITV News

Commander Ariana Qamishlo of the Syrian Democratic Forces told ITV News more than 50,000 people have been helped in the last week.

Many unrepentant. Many hopeful the group will conquer new ground.

One woman evacuated from the area told ITV News she hopes the group will set up another 'state' in future.

She didn't want to speak directly on camera, but she warned western actions will lead to the group rising again: "We wanted to make a country for Muslims and make Muslims live as they want to live.

One woman believes so-called IS will rise again despite western intervention. Credit: ITV News

"You prevent my hijab, you prevent my prayer, you prevent my Koran, you prevent my kids to learn what I want them to learn."

The group once controlled an area the size of Britain, and the staggering numbers of people leaving are testament to its scale, both past and present.

Even in its dying days, following bombardment by coalition forces and being corned to a small village, its message remains seemingly undiminished amongst its most loyal followers.