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Israeli spacecraft Beresheet snaps ultimate selfie on way to moon

The Beresheet spacecraft with the Earth in the background Credit: PA

An Israeli spacecraft has taken the ultimate selfie on its roundabout journey to the moon.

Organisers for the privately funded mission released the photo on Tuesday, one-and-a-half weeks after its launch.

It shows the spacecraft Beresheet, Hebrew for Genesis, orbiting some 23,300 miles away, with the entire Earth as the stunning Apollo-style backdrop.

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Australia easily stands out. A plaque reads Small Country, Big Dreams and The People Of Israel Live.

The spacecraft is aiming for a moon landing on April 11.

It rocketed from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on February 21 and has been circling Earth in ever bigger loops.

Despite some early problems, Beresheet should be close enough to enter lunar orbit in early April.

A touchdown would make Israel the fourth country to pull off a moon landing.