Several cruise ship passengers have been injured after the vessel they were travelling on was tilted from side to side by extreme gusts of wind.

The Norwegian Escape, which was travelling from New York to Florida, ran into winds estimated at 115 mph (185 kph), causing it to tilt to its port side, launching passengers at speed on the lower decks.

In a video posted to YouTube, passengers and furniture could be seen sliding across the floor as the titling ship threw them in different directions.

Loud noises can be heard which include people screaming, shattering glass and sliding items.

The footage was recorded by passenger Aaron Black, who told CNN: "Suddenly we got hit by a large gust of wind and the whole ship kind of just tilted to the side for about 30 seconds.

"I was used to some movement, but it was a very surreal escalation to 'oh this is normal' to 'this is very unusual and probably shouldn't be happening.'"

Norwegian Cruise Lines, whose fleet the ship is part of, said in a statement that several injuries were reported, but it didn’t say exactly how many or what type of injuries occurred.

It said the passengers received treatment from medical staff, adding how the ship had no damage and remained fully operational.

The ship can hold more than 4,200 passengers and more than 1,700 crew members.

The ship was on a seven-day round-trip cruise from New York to Port Canaveral, Florida, where it docked on Tuesday.