• Video report by ITV News correspondent Juliet Bremner

SpaceX's new crew capsule has returned to Earth, ending its first test flight with an old-fashioned splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean.The Dragon undocked from the International Space Station early on Friday.

Six hours later, the capsule carrying a test dummy dropped into the Atlantic off the Florida coast.

It marks the first time in 50 years that a capsule designed for astronauts returned from space by plopping into the Atlantic.

Apollo 9 splashed down near the Bahamas on March 13, 1969.

SpaceX docked with the International Space Station on the weekend.

Nasa astronauts have been using Russian rockets sincespace shuttles retired eight years ago.

Nasa is counting on SpaceX and Boeing to start launching astronauts this year.

Friday morning's splashdown was the final hurdle of SpaceX's six-day test flight.