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Will Brexit make travelling from Dover to Calais a lot more difficult?

Twelve million people a year make the journey from Calais to Dover, and in a few short weeks, making that 25-mile trip could become a lot more difficult.

Politicians have just a handful of days left to agree a deal, or face uncertainly over Brexit, the Prime Minister warned in a speech on Friday.

The divorce is likely to have an impact on people who cross the English Channel for both work and pleasure.

With fewer than three weeks until the UK leaves the EU, ITV News has met people both sides of the busy shipping strait, and both sides of Brexit, for their opinions on the departure.

Eluned Williams, a Welsh farmer who has recently visited France for a farming conference, told ITV News she believes "no-deal should be taken off the table, but I don't know if delaying will sort it out because they've had two-and-a-half years, why can't they have sorted it by then".

Twelve million people make the trip from Dover to Calais every year. Credit: ITV News

Joining her was another farmer, James Radcliffe, skeptical of the government's intentions: "The strategy on behalf of the day is they just want to keep delaying it, that is their strategy to be honest with you."

When asked if he trusted Westminster politicians to sort out a deal, he responded simply: "No."

Coach driver Nick Goddard, who is transporting the group home from France, believes Brexit will mean "a lot more hassle at the docks, I think we should delay until a deal is made of some description."

Travelling between England and France could be more difficult after Brexit. Credit: ITV News

Back on British soil, voters in Kent have mixed emotions on Brexit.

Roy Watson told ITV News the majority of his peers "really would like to see an end to it. They've had enough."

Other voters want the public to be asked again if they still want to depart the trade bloc.

The question everyone can agree on is certain - will Westminster secure a deal in time? The answer remains unclear.