Paraglider safely completes two hour journey only to be attacked by kangaroo

A kangaroo Credit: AP

While they might look cute and cuddly, a kangaroo in Australia put paid to any such notion when it attacked a paraglider shortly after he landed.

The man had just completed a two hour journey, safely landing in a national park, when two kangaroos hopped towards him and one launched the unprovoked attack.

At first, the paraglider thought the marsupial was friendly, asking it: "What's up skip?"

However, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo this was not, and the situation on Thursday soon took a turn for the worse with the animal twice attacking the paraglider before bounding away from the disused Orroral Space Tracking Station, around 35 miles from Canberra.

Yet the paraglider's woes did not end there.

Due to a lack of phone reception in the Namadgi National Park the man had to pack up his paraglider and walk for several miles before he was able to call a friend to come and collect him.