'If he's pulling out a blade, then I'm pulling out a blade': Family shares raw account on why they're carrying knives

A family has shared its raw account of life on Britain's streets with ITV News, in a deliberate attempt to prove understanding about knives.

Two young brothers from Liverpool have spoken anonymously about carrying knives for their protection.

One of the siblings said he "feels safer" by carrying a knife "because if he's pulling out a blade then I'm pulling out a blade".

The family are speaking out after a string of fatal stabbings blighted Britain's streets in recent weeks, prompting warnings of a national emergency.

Police forces across England and Wales also launched a seven day crackdown on knife crime with a wider use of stop-and-search powers.

The government is coming under increased pressure to act following the latest spate of violence, with 17-year-olds Jodie Chesney and Yousef Makki stabbed to death in separate incidents in recent weeks.

Despite carrying a knife, one of the youngsters said he 'wouldn't class himself as a criminal'. Credit: ITV News

The youngster from Merseyside said he would rather carry a knife than end up in a hospital bed or worse.

Their mother said she doesn't like it but said she feels they are safer on the streets.

While showing the weapon to ITV News' Editor Allegra Stratton, the young boy said: "This is the knife that I got kicked out of school for carrying."

Despite carrying a knife, he said he "wouldn't class himself as a criminal" because he is "just trying to defend himself".

When asked how he would feel if he ended up killing someone with the knife, he replied: "I'd feel guilty but as long as I'm still standing, I'm alright, it wouldn't bother me."

Their mum said she thinks it's safer for her children to carry a knife so they can defend themselves.

She told ITV News: "Nowadays I'd want to see them come home to me rather than have nothing to defend themselves with."

She said she would be "very scared" if her sons didn't carry knives.

"I'd probably guarantee one of my kids would be stabbed within a fortnight or killed," she added.