From actors to world leaders and Brexiters, these prominent figures have helped inspire a book of photographic montages by the satirist Christopher Spencer.

He uses the pen name Coldwar Steve and told ITV News even though some are terrified about Brexit it is good to "be able to laugh at those involved" in it.

Steve McFadden who plays Phil Mitchell in EastEnders appears in every photograph and poster which Mr Spencer has worked on.

Michael Gove and Boris Johnson appear running away from an ice cream van. Credit: Christopher Spencer

Mr Spencer was once an Arts student but has worked for the last 20 years in the public sector in Birmingham.

He first started to share his creations through social media and said he wanted the images "to be DIY and spontaneous" before adding he doesn't use Photoshop.

His pictures have often featured the likes of David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson.

Now many of them are available to see in Mr Spencer's new book, Cold War Steve Presents: The Festival of Brexit, released earlier this month.

Paul Hollywood, Theresa May, The Queen and EastEnders actor Steve McFadden appear under a bridge. Credit: Christopher Spencer

The satirist said the artwork started off as a therapy for him before publishing his work on Twitter.

He said: "Twitter is full of anger and toxic rants, so I've took it another way, I'm still ranting in a way, but in a surreal comedic way".

When asked why he has featured so many Brexiters, he said: "I think we can get together and laugh about it, it helps", before adding, "whether I can stop Brexit remains to be seen".

David Cameron, Danny Dyer, The Queen and Kim Jong-un appear in a montage in front of a Shoe Zone store. Credit: Christopher Spencer