Dashcam footage captures incredible moment plane narrowly misses cars on busy road

A driver in Toronto had an incredibly near-miss after a plane narrowly avoided cars before crashing metres from a busy road.

Footage has emerged of the single-engine aircraft closely dodging vehicles near Buttonville Airport in the Canadian state of Ontario on Tuesday afternoon.

The footage was filmed by tow truck driver Bill Chan.

He told CBC Canada: "I was driving on the highway, I was picking up speed, and then the plane just came right in front of me."

He said he and his colleagues went out to buy $300 worth of lottery tickets after the near-collision.

The plane narrowly missed cars on the route in Toronto. Credit: Bill Chan / Twitter

Canada's Transport Safety Board confirmed on Twitter it is investigating the incident.

It said the plane came into trouble after it "received significant damage during a runway excursion".

Two people were reportedly left with minor injuries following the crash.

The plane came to a halt in a field next to the road. Credit: TSB Canada / Twitter