The Sussexes get their own court as William and Harry split

Harry and Meghan are to get their own court inside the Royal Family as they split from William and Kate in the Spring.

It will coincide with the move of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor before their baby arrives.

The Queen announced the Sussexes will have their own Household - which will be created with the support of both the Queen and the Prince of Wales.

The new Sussex household will be based at Buckingham Palace - alongside the Queen.

It means Harry and Meghan's team will no longer have to report to his brother William's team which removes one of the tensions that exist between the siblings.

Harry and Meghan have appointed Sara Latham for public relations, who previously worked for Bill Clinton in the late 1990s. Credit: PA

Whilst much of the reporting in recent weeks has focused on the bad relationship between Kate and Meghan, the truth is that the relationship between the two brothers has become strained.

In a statement, the Palace said the changes for the Sussexes "will ensure that permanent support arrangements for The Duke and Duchess' work are in place as they start their family and move to their official residence at Frogmore Cottage."

Harry and Meghan have appointed Sara Latham from the big public relations firm Freuds to head up their communications team.

Sara Latham worked for both Bill Clinton in the White House in the late 1990s and she was an adviser on Hilary Clinton's failed 2016 US presidential campaign.

She also has a political background in the UK having worked for the late Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell in 2005.

They still have to find a new Private Secretary - the most senior role in their office - to replace Samantha Cohen who will leave in the summer.

The couple's Assistant Private Secretary, Amy Pickerill, is also quitting her job after the baby arrives.

It appears that many of the most senior staff, currently at Kensington Palace, are staying to work with the Cambridges.

The long-standing Communications Secretary, Jason Knauf, will become a "special adviser" to William and Kate.

In terms of the British Monarchy, it's William who will now get the most support as he prepares to becomes the future Sovereign. Credit: PA

Kensington Palace said his new role will include "advising Their Royal Highnesses on their charitable initiatives - including work on the environment, mental health, and early childhood".

His Deputy, Christian Jones, who recently joined from the Treasury, will be promoted to Communications Secretary to Kate and William.

He will no longer work for Harry and Meghan.

What does it all mean?

It's a reflection of the new role Harry has in the Royal Family as a married man and a soon-to-be father.

And it shows, as you might expect, that he and Meghan want to forge their own role in the institution and do things their own way.

It also reflects the harsh reality that William is the senior brother, who will one day be King.

Harry and Meghan might be the most dynamic and interesting couple in the Royal Family right now - but in terms of the British Monarchy, it's William who will now get the most support as he prepares to become the next Prince of Wales and future Sovereign.

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