Why is Joss Stone performing in a bar in North Korea?

Soul singer Joss Stone has given visitors to North Korea's capital a performance as part of her plan to host a gig in every country in the world.

The star was pictured, microphone in hand, in a Pyongyang bar on Wednesday afternoon. She drew a small crowd mostly formed of people visiting from overseas - although it does appear a few local people were present.

On her Instagram page she said she had learnt a song in the local language for the trip.

Posting from Beijing before arriving in the hermit kingdom, she said: "It's a fine day to go to North Korea.

"We'll be getting on a plane very soon to go to Pyongyang. A place in North Korea, anyway. It's gonna be fun."

The latest leg of her world tour saw her meet Britain's ambassador to North Korea, Colin Crooks.

He remarked how it was "amazing to meet" the star during her visit to the isolated state.

Stone has performed in 176 countries so far. The feat has taken her more than five years to complete.

She previously posted on social media: "It feels mind blowing that we have been to so many countries," following a visit to Turkmenistan.

Places ticked off her world tour list include Iraq, Chad and an area of Kurdish-controlled Syria.

She remarked at the time she was glad "nothing bad happened" whilst visiting the war-torn Middle Eastern state.