Parents suffering because they can't get medicinal cannabis for their children despite law change, says Hannah Deacon

In the latest episode of our podcast Acting Prime Minister, we are sending someone through the door of Number 10 who has spent a significant amount of timing banging on it - not a politician, but someone who has devoted her life to lobbying them.

Hannah Deacon was thrown into politics not by choice but by necessity, campaigning for her son Alfie Dingley to get life-changing drugs. His epilepsy meant he had fits up to 150 times a week, until the family moved to Holland to try medicinal cannabis.

The results were transformative, but the family had to return to the UK where the drugs weren't legal - until a change in the law last summer.

As Hannah explains to ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand in this interview, for many, getting the treatment is still proving virtually impossible - so it's no surprise that Hannah's personal struggle would define her time as Acting Prime Minister.

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