The Tory revolt to stop Theresa May asking EU for a Brexit delay of nine months or more

There is a huge Tory revolt under way to stop Theresa May asking the EU for a Brexit delay of nine months or more.

She has been requested to address the 1922 Committee of Conservative MPs at 5pm on Wednesday where she will be told in no uncertain terms that the delay must not be longer than the end of June.

Meanwhile, many MPs have told me that Brexiter members of Cabinet, led by Andrea Leadsom and Penny Mordaunt, have also sought a meeting with PM on Wednesday morning to express the same concern. Neither minister has responded to my enquiry.

Also, several MPs have said there is a growing movement for the PM to announce her resignation date imminently. “The plates are shifting”, said one. Wednesday will be (ANOTHER) big day, for the PM and the nation.

PS I have learned this morning that the foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt is one of the recalcitrant Cabinet ministers who has requested meeting with PM this morning to urge her to rule our long Brexit delay.

PPS It sounds as though the PM has already capitulated to pressure from Brexiter ministers and MPs, and will no longer float option with EU of longer Brexit delay. But if she does that, the no-deal cliff edge simply moves from end March to May/June.

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