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England's Raheem Sterling celebrates goal with touching tribute to Crystal Palace youth player Damary Dawkins

England's Raheem Sterling celebrates scoring his side's third goal of the game showing a t-shirt in memory of Damary Dawkins. Credit: PA

England's Raheem Sterling celebrated his goal during the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifier with a touching tribute in memory of former Crystal Palace youth player Damary Dawkins.

The star player previously backed the 13-year-old’s plea to find a donor, after the youngster was diagnosed with leukemia aged just nine.

Damary Dawkins had been part of the Crystal Palace FC development squad until he developed acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

During his search of a bone marrow donor with Afro-Caribbean descent, Damary's story drew the attention of Raheem Sterling and Eagles manager Roy Hodgson.

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Tributes to the youngster have poured in since he sadly passed away on March 17.

Sterling lifted his England shirt at Wembley Stadium on Friday night to reveal a t-shirt bearing a tribute to Damary.

The Manchester City player through his support behind the campaign to find a bone marrow donor for Damary through his social media accounts and a match was found in December.

His transplant was successful, but unfortunately he relapsed.

  • In August, Damary's family came into the ITV News studio as they sought a bone marrow donor for him

In a statement, The African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust said: “A few days before Christmas Damary successfully received his transplant, however towards the end of February this year, he relapsed.

“A few weeks ago doctors confirmed there was nothing more they could do for Damary and on March 17 2019, Damary sadly passed away.

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“Damary was a keen footballer and inspired many people to join the stem cell register during his campaign which won the support of famous faces including football personalities Crystal Palace Manager Roy Hodgson and Damary’s footballing hero, Manchester City player Raheem Sterling.

“Our love and thoughts are with Damary’s family at this difficult time. Damary was a huge inspiration to us and touched many hearts - we are sure his courage will live on in others.”