Comedian Matt Parker shares his top five maths blunders (and what you can learn from them)

Like most in his trade comedian Matt Parker has learned to look at the world from an unusual angle.

But it's the skills from his former career as a maths teacher which mean he can view modern life and see the series of simple equations which underpin it.

But he hasn't left his love of numbers - or teaching - behind as a stand-up pro.

The videos on his educational YouTube channel Stand-up Maths have been viewed more than 50 million times.

So he is well qualified to guide you through the bizarre and often comical results when a few calculations go awry in the real world.

The author of Humble Pi shares his favourite maths gaffes - from the simple error that left a passenger plane flying on empty (don't worry: it ended safely) to the computer fail that accidentally rebranded Mahatma Gandhi as a nuke-obsessed warlord.

Matt also explains what you can learn from them.

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