Huge task of rebuilding after Cylone Idai begins after storm devastates Beira

The intensive clean up operation continues in Beira after Cyclone Idai devastated land and lives in the port city.

No one knows how many people are missing.

More than 600 people are confirmed dead in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Aid workers say that number is certain to rise as flood waters recede.

Roads remain impassable, if they survived the storm at all. Communications are down, people are huddling on an overpass in an attempt to pick up a phone signal. Essential goods are being moved by hand into the city - there is simply no other choice.

600 people are feared dead, that number is expected to rise. Credit: ITV News

Prices of food and other basic items are doubling, even tripling. People wait in line outside stores, let in one-by-one in an effort to prevent looting.

Speaking to ITV News, a headteacher expressed his concerns over food shortages. He said: "We have no more food. We have been assured that a helicopter should come and deliver food, but up to now they hasn't been any."

As rain poured down, he added rumours of a second cyclone approaching are leading to parents wanting to take their children away from the school, but the destruction of roads means doing so is next to impossible.

One woman, on the return leg of a trip to find her son, told ITV News: "I went to his school and gave them his name. They were able to tell me he is still alive. But on the other side, back in Beira, I lost members of my family to the floodwater. They were washed away."

She is returning the city she calls home but without a place to stay and with no money.

People are moving essentials by hand after the cyclone destroyed roads. Credit: ITV News

Shattered communities are now trying to adjust to their new lives, many people have lost everything. ITV News visited one school building where some 3,000 people are living - the youngest resident, a baby born in the classroom where her family now shelters.

Mozambique's government has formally requested assistance from the international community, the U.N. humanitarian office said, opening the door to further aid efforts.