Dramatic footage captures moment Mexican volcano erupts into fireball

Dramatic footage has captured the moment a volatile volcano erupted in Mexico, sending ash more than three kilometers into the sky.

Popocatepetl erupted shortly before 7.30pm on March 26, spewing rocks and lava down the mountainside and sparking wildfires.

Police have warned people not to attempt to approach the crater for safety reasons.

The moment the volcano exploded has been captured on video. Credit: AP

The eruption will no doubt be a cause of concern for the millions of residents who live in the shadow of Popocatepetl.

The region, around 50 miles from the nation's capital, has previously been put on a state of alert and warned to anticipate evacuation should the situation become life threatening.

Whilst it appears people are not being asked to leave at the moment, local police issued advice on how to deal with urban fires and breathing safety in the event of a severe eruption.

Scientists have been keeping a close eye on Popocatepetl in recent years after it became active again in 2004, erupting several times since.