How will today's Brexit indicative votes work?

MPs will be presented with a green slip from which to select whether they want to support or vote against the numerous indicative votes. Credit: ITV

Today's indicative votes will give MPs a chance to shape Brexit policy going forward, instead of Theresa May's government. This unprecedented step has rarely been seen before in the House of Commons. So how will it work?

How will the MPs cast their vote?

The indicative vote options will be printed out on slips of green paper, the House of Commons confirmed.

MPs with a surname A-K will vote in the Aye Lobby, and those with L-Z will vote in the Noe lobby.

Printing will begin by the Vote Office once the Speaker has announced which motions will be put to a vote.

A copy of what MPs will vote on is below.

A copy of the two-page indicative voting slip which will be given to MPs. Credit: ITV

When will MPs start voting?

Once Speaker of the House John Bercow announces which indicative votes will be put to the Commons, MPs have until 7pm to debate them and then vote on the options.

MPs have until 4pm if a lead signatory wishes to withdraw a motion - if this happened then the Speaker would announce a revised selection of motions.

This means it is unlikely voting will start until after 4pm today.

The forms will be handed in to division clerks between 7pm and 7.30pm. Clerks will process them from 7.30pm onwards.

The House of Commons will be given the chance to vote on indicative options this evening. Credit: PA

Has anything like this happened before?

Although indicative votes are rare, voting on slips is used in the Commons for deferred votes.

In the Commons, instead of holding votes immediately after the end of a debate, MPs can vote on a series of motions using ballot papers.

Deferred divisions can be used with motions on statutory instruments and certain types of motion which are not subject to amendment.

The result of a deferred division can be found in the Votes and Proceedings for the day it took place.

MPs are expected to vote on the indicative votes this evening. Credit: PA

When will the result be announced?

John Bercow will announce the results of the indicative votes around 9.30pm tonight - although it might be earlier depending on the result of the statutory instrument which will bring the Brexit delay into law.

John Bercow will announce the results of the indicative vote around 9.30pm tonight. Credit: PA

Will indicative votes which win a majority become Britain's Brexit policy?

The indicative votes that could win majority support in the House of Commons today are not binding, which means Theresa May does not have to put them forward as proposals to the European Union.

Conversely, any indicative votes which may be put forward to the EU could then be rejected by Brussels.

On Monday, it is expected that MPs may narrow their choices in the House of Commons until they find a solution which gets a majority.

From there, the government has until April 12 to put forward a different Brexit policy to the EU if Theresa May's deal is rejected.

Has indicative voting been used before in the House of Commons?

The system was used in 2003 in regards to a vote on House of Lords reform. No agreement was reached in the vote on that occasion.