Police officer accidentally shoots man after mistaking gun for taser

Police dashcam footage shows the moment a police officer accidentally shot and wounded a man when she mistook her gun for a taser during a routine stop in Kansas.

The video is from the patrol car of an officer who pulled over Akira Lewis after he was suspected of driving without a seat belt in the city of Lawrence in May 2018.

Footage shows officer Ian McCann approaching Lewis to tell him the reason why he is being pulled over.

However Lewis insists on seeing a supervisor and an argument ensues between the suspect and the police officer.

When the 35-year-old refuses to provide identification and continues arguing, a back-up officer is called.

Brindley Blood approaches the passenger side of the car as McCann calls out: "He's going to jail."

The officer left the police force in January, authorities say Credit: Lawrence PD

Lewis refuses to leave his vehicle and both officers try to force the suspect out of his car.

Blood opens the passenger door, as McCann can be heard requesting backup.

McCann pulls the suspect out of the car and the pair can be seen grappling and Lewis lands a punch on the police officer.

Blood then pulls her gun, believing it was her taser, and shoots the suspect in the back, while yelling: "Taser, taser, taser."

Suspect Akira Lewis was handcuffed after he was shot. Credit: Lawrence PD

After Lewis cries out, Blood can be heard saying: "Oh s*** I shot him."

Despite being shot, the police officers handcuff Lewis and he is then taken to hospital.

Blood resigned from the force in January, authorities say, after being placed on paid leave and was charged with aggravated battery.

Lewis was taken to hospital for treatment after he was shot. Credit: Lawrence PD

Lewis was charged with several misdemeanors, including battery against a law enforcement officer.

Blood was scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.

She maintains the shooting was accidental and she meant to reach for her taser, instead of her gun, and only realised she had shot Lewis when she looked for taser wires and there weren't any.

Lewis’ lawyer said in a statement on Monday that during the officers’ attempt to arrest him for a “seat belt violation”, the officers “initiated physical contact and escalated a situation that could have been easily de-escalated by any number of interventions”.

A judge will decide whether to send Blood for trial and will announce her ruling later this week.