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Man flies 13 feet in the air as he clings to giant umbrella after gust of wind blows him away

A man flew 13-feet in the air as he clung to a giant umbrella after a strong gust of wind blew him away.

Vegetable market worker Sadik Kocadalli and two other men tried to secure the umbrella, which was on wheels, during a 10-minute tornado in the town of Kadirli in Turkey.

But despite their best efforts Mr Kocadalli was sent flying Mary Poppins-style with the umbrella.

The men stand on the umbrella on a less windy day. Credit: DHA

He told local news agency DHA he flew about four metres with the umbrella before jumping off.

"We were working and the wind picked up. When the wind got stronger I noticed the umbrella moving so I tried to save it from flying away by stepping on it," he told DHA.

Vegetable market worker Sadik Kocadalli flew four metres holding the umbrella. Credit: DHA

"When I stepped on it, it lifted. It went up three, four metres (between 9-13 feet) and I thought, 'this won't work' so I jumped down. Thankfully, I am okay. The umbrella hit a pole and fell back down."