'Does it taste out of this world?' YouTuber eats Big Mac burger sent to space and back

A frozen McDonald's Big Mac burger was sent to space and back in a stunt by British YouTuber Kill'em - who then chowed down on the well-travelled fast food.

Kill'em - real name Tom Stanniland - sent the burger into space strapped to a weather balloon.

He said it travelled around 24 miles up before the balloon popped and it landed back on Earth - specifically, at the training ground of League Two football club Colchester United.

The club's groundskeeper was reportedly thoroughly confused when he stumbled across it, until Stanniland managed to track down his errant snack and called to explain.

Mr Stanniland explained that the box, sent up to space with a GoPro camera, was also fitted with a tracker.

“We lost connection with it when it got so high,” he said. “It’s crash-landed here but in the morning the groundskeeper found the box, turned it upside down, the tracker got connection again, we’ve found it and just followed it.”

He travelled from his home in Sheffield to collect the space burger from Florence Park in Colchester, Essex, on Wednesday.

Mr Stanniland said he wanted to see what the burger tasted like.

"Does it taste out of this world, Thomas?" the woman behind the camera jokes in the full video, posted to YouTube.

But his review - perhaps unsurprisingly - was less than glowing.

“That’s not nice," he choked out, through a mouthful of space burger.

He said the epic journey had rendered the burger dry, powdery and frozen, adding that eating it was “drying my mouth out”.