What the papers say – March 30

What the papers say – March 30 Credit: PA

The third rejection of Theresa May’s Brexit deal on what was supposed to be 'Brexit day' leads the bulk of Saturday’s papers.

Several also feature presenters Declan Donnelly and Ant McPartlin, who said they considered ending their partnership over the latter’s drink-driving conviction last year.

Leading with Brexit, The Guardian says Mrs May is going to bring her deal back to Parliament again after it was rejected by MPs.

She warned that the latest defeat could have “grave implications” for the country, the Financial Times says.

The PM said a general election may be needed to break the political deadlock, the Daily Mail reports.

There are signs that the parties are drawing up plans to take part in the upcoming European elections if Brexit continues to be delayed, The Times says.

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph says some Cabinet ministers are going to try and take control of the process by telling the PM to “embrace no deal”.

In a front-page editorial, The Sun says Labour, Tory Remainer MPs, hard Brexiteers and DUP MPs “betrayed Brexit” with their latest Commons rejection.

The Daily Express carries an image of protesters in Parliament Square on its front.

In other news, the Daily Mirror and Daily Star lead with McPartlin and Donnelly.