‘Climate change and tech is key to boosting Scottish economy’

Sara Thiam has been appointed the new chief executive of the Scottish Council of Development and Industry Credit: SCDI/PA

Tackling climate change and embracing digital technology are key to boosting Scotland’s productivity and economy, the new chief executive of the Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI) has said.

Sara Thiam will move into the role from her current post as Scotland director of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

A member of the Scottish Government’s newly-formed Infrastructure Commission, Ms Thiam said focusing on people having the correct skills will also be key to ensuring Scotland’s economic future.

She said: “In common with other countries around the world Scotland faces unprecedented environmental, demographic, mobility, educational and technological challenges.

“Ensuring our people have the right skills and knowledge, embracing digital technology and tackling climate change hold the key to driving a much-needed surge in productivity and sustainable economic prosperity.

“With change comes opportunity and I’m passionate about Scotland’s ability to innovate.”

She said continued uncertainty around Brexit affecting investment in Scotland and business confidence underlines the need for industry organisations such as the SCDI.

Having been appointed to the chief executive role, Ms Thiam will take up her post in June.