The best April Fool's Day jokes of 2019

April Fool's Day has come and gone - how many did you fall for? Credit: PA

The way 2019 has turned out so far there probably aren’t that many headlines you absolutely wouldn’t believe.

So you might think the impact of April Fool’s Day jokes is not what it once was – but that didn’t stop some out there from trying.

Here are nine of the best to do the rounds this morning.

  • BBC iPlayer's 'skip the sex' button

The BBC ran with the novel idea of introducing a ‘skip the sex’ button on its iPlayer service, meaning you wouldn’t have to suffer through those awkward romantic scenes when you’re sat next to your mum.

  • Larry gets a cat flap

Downing Street's pet cat, Larry, got his own cat flap through the famous door - or so the Daily Mail would have you believe.

They quote a spokesman saying the flap would allow a "swift, soft exit - and re-entry".

  • Scouts in space

Scouts may be expected to set up camp in remote parts of the wilderness but this would have been a stretch.

Bear Grylls got in on the act too.

  • Leaving the Eurovision Song Contest

Our time in Eurovision is not at and end. Credit: PA

As if there weren’t enough plates to spin when it comes to Brexit, The Express had some fun claiming leaving the European Union means the UK’s place in Eurovision is under threat.

The horror.

  • Shutting the M25

The M25 is not really about to shut. Credit: PA

London news website, My London, targeted commuters with their fib that the M25 will be closed for a whole week to make way for a cycle lane around the capital.

They even quoted a spokesman saying “to be honest,everyone's just going to have to like it or lump it”.

  • Sleeping in the luggage hold on National Express

National Express got some attention for their announcement that they’re trialling an option to offer passengers a bed in the luggage hold.

  • Fine for smelly food

Another one to do with transport, this time from the British Transport Police.

They warned that you could end up with a fine of up to £2,000 if you’re caught eating something smelly on trains.

  • No more April Fool's jokes

The Telegraph referenced Oliver Cromwell for their story. Credit: PA

The Telegraph embraced the hysteria over “fake news” by claiming April Fool’s jokes have been banned this year because the public can’t tell the difference between reality and farce.

They reference an Oliver Cromwell statute to give it some added credibility.

  • Piers Morgan in prison

And one from here at ITV – imagine Piers Morgan behind bars on reality TV.