MPs to force PM to delay Brexit

Some would say Oliver Letwin has, along with Yvette Cooper, organised a moment of Brexit truth. Credit: PA

So Oliver Letwin and Yvette Cooper have – at last some would say – organised a genuine moment of Brexit truth, with a bill they are laying,the European Union (Withdrawal) (No.5) Bill, that would compel the prime minister to sue the EU for another Brexit postponement.

It would be the definitive castration of this government, if passed by MPs and Lords. But time really is tight for it actually to work,because there would be literally no time for the prime minister to decide on a delay, work out what it's for, and brief Donald Tusk so that he can sound out EU leaders ahead of the emergency council on 10 April.

It is all very well for MPs and Lords to say they want a postponement, but why on earth should EU leaders agree if there is literally no sense of what the UK actually wants?