Dog dangling by lead from second floor balcony rescued by hero police officers

A dog dangling by its lead from a second floor balcony has been rescued by a team of hero police officers in Ohio, Cleveland.

The dog had been tied to the outside balcony by its owners but found itself hanging from the second floor ledge after jumping over the railings.

Footage of the dramatic rescue was caught on the body camera of a police officer who had came to assist patrol officer Michael Phelps who was already on the scene.

Video shows the dog narrowly avoiding a set of stairs as it falls to safety. Credit: Cleveland Police

Phelps, of Cleveland Police, was stood on the house's porch trying to relieve pressure on the dogs neck when help arrived.

He'd been alerted to the dog in danger after eyewitnesses called 911 for emergency assistance.

"I wanted to give him a chance to breathe," Phelps told local television station Fox 8 Cleveland.

"My main concern was making sure the dog would be okay.

The dog slowly runs away following the fall, appearing unphased. Credit: Cleveland Police

"I am a huge dog lover," Phelps added.

In the footage the dog can be seen narrowly avoiding a set of stairs as it falls to safety - then slowly runs away, appearing unphased by the fall.

The Animal Protective League in Cleveland said the owners were planning to surrender their dogs following the incident.