Fox ‘knocked on door for help’ after getting head stuck in container

The fox was found with its head stuck in a container Credit: RSCPA/PA

An inquisitive fox had to be rescued by RSPCA officers after getting her head wedged in a plastic tub.

It is believed that the hungry female had been looking for food when she got herself stuck inside the container.

Officers were alerted to her predicament after a member of the public heard the distressed fox knocking on the door of their home on Schofield Street in Mexborough, South Yorkshire, on Thursday morning.

The RSPCA managed to free the animal using bolt cutters Credit: RSPCA/PA

She was rescued when RSPCA staff used bolt cutters, scissors and a knife to release the tub from her head, and was soon back safely in the wild.

RSPCA inspector Sandra Dransfield, who was part of the team that came to her aid, said: “The plastic container looked like the tubs you can buy supplement powder or protein powder in.

“We used bolt cutters, scissors and a knife to very carefully cut the opening of the container and prise it off the fox’s head.

“Thankfully, the fox wasn’t at all injured and was otherwise in really good condition so we released her there and then so she could head back to her den.”

Once freed, the fox went back to the wild Credit: RSPCA/PA