Nine-year-old tells of 'miracle' recovery after being mowed down by car

A nine-year-old girl was severely injured in a shocking hit-and-run crash which was captured on camera while she was playing in her front garden.

In the footage, LaDerihanna Holmes is seen outside on the grass before the car crashed into the front of her house.

Just moments after that, the driver can be seen walking away from the car as members of LaDerihanna's family rush to her aid.

She suffered a fractured skull, and her pelvic bone was broken in three places.

The schoolgirl survived the incident that happened in Georgia, US, last Friday thanks to her brother, who learnt how to perform CPR after watching a YouTube video.

LaDerihanna Holmes, 9, is now in a wheelchair and undergoing physical therapy. Credit: NBC News

Now less than a week later, LaDerihanna, who is in a wheelchair and undergoing physical therapy, says she expects to make a full recovery and has no doubt she'll soon be back on her feet.

"We’ve taken a few steps on the walker - as many as I could do. I was, like, I'm not going to be in the hospital for too long," she told NBC News.

When asked if she plans to rejoin her cheerleading team, the schoolgirl said: "Most definitely."

LaDerihanna's mother, Charlette Bolton, said: "She’s truly a miracle.

"From what happened to her, I’m surprised she's alive."

Gabriel Jabri Fordham, 28, who is suspected of running into LaDerihanna, was arrested on Tuesday.