'Why we shouldn't be scared of our failures'

Point of View is an ITV News series where we invite people to share their life experiences and what they've learned from them.

After two unsuccessful rounds of IVF, a miscarriage and a divorce in her thirties, author Elizabeth Day thought she was destined for an unsuccessful future.

It wasn't until she put her wedding dress on eBay and found herself cutting up photos of the big day that she realised she could learn from life's setbacks.

"What I realised with shattering force when I got divorced was that in trying to please everyone else I had forgotten to be myself," she said.

Determined to change her way of thinking, she started the 'How to Fail With Elizabeth Day' podcast inviting guests like Lily Allen and David Baddiel to open up about what they think their biggest flops and fears are.

She said: "There is nothing to be scared of of failure.

"People we admire that seem to be nailing life, they also have moments of insecurity and self-doubt, they've also overcome times of crisis in life," she added.

In her new book 'How to Fail', Elizabeth shares an honest account of what she's learned so far.

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