Cambridge claim victory over Oxford in men and women's Boat Race

Cambridge have claimed victory in both the men and women's Boat Races, as Olympic medallist James Cracknell became the oldest Boat Race winner in history.

The women's team defeated Oxford by five boat lengths, with the men doing the same by one.

It is the third year in succession the women have beaten Oxford and for the men, in their 165th edition of the race, it's their third win in four years.

Double-Olympic gold medallist Cracknell became the oldest winner of the Boat Race, taking the title from the previous record holder, 1992 Cambridge cox Andy Prober, who is eight years his junior.

Olympic medallist James Cracknell became the oldest Boat Race winner. Credit: PA
The 46-year-old's victory was described as 'extraordinary' Credit: PA

The 46-year-old masters student told the BBC in the wake of the victory, he had missed the feeling he gets at the start of a race.

He added: "I haven't felt this in 20 years."

The six-time world champion told fellow Olympian Matthew Pinsent: "The first few minutes were great, but they just didn't drop.

"I'm only 12.5% of the crew, but I'm in a key seat.

The men's team defeated Oxford by one length. Credit: PA
The men's team celebrate their victory. Credit: PA

"To be honest the endurance wasn't a problem.

"If I had any doubt it would have been my sprinting.

"I just made sure I stuck it in and hopefully we had enough in the bank."

Cracknell continued: "The race has topped it because of the difference in experience, age and everything else.

"For some of the guys this is their biggest race by far and they stepped up hugely well."

The women's team have claimed victory in the Boat Race for three successive years. Credit: PA
Crowds lined the banks of the River Thames for the annual Boat Race. Credit: PA

The Peterhouse College masters student is more than 25 years older than some of his teammates.

Pinsent said: "It's extraordinary that he's got himself into the shape, at 46, of a 24-year-old.

"I only know one person who could do that, and it's James.

"It's just off the scale."

The women's team cemented their dominance over their traditional rivals, with new coach Robert Weber's team storming into an early lead and refusing to relent.

Cambridge women's team celebrate their win. Credit: PA

Cambridge stroke Lily Lindsay has rowed internationally for the USA, but insisted nothing compared to a Boat Race victory.

"There's nothing like this," Lindsay told the BBC.

"Training alongside my team-mates has been unbelievable. It's been a pleasure."