Golden Buzzer winning Britain's Got Talent school choir set for talent show final

A group of schoolchildren and their headteacher from Lancashire who won hearts after an energetic performance of a classic Queen song on Britain's Got Talent are set to take part in the show's final.

Students from Flakefleet Primary School in Fleetwood took to the stage on Sunday night's show to bring Don't Stop Me Now to life. Their performance brought judges to tears and saw confetti falling after David Walliams made the group his Golden Buzzer Act.

The group performed at a second show on the evening of Monday 27 May and were put through to the final by judges.

Their second performance included dancing flower pots, jolly teddy bears and giant pumpkins.

The choir formed in September after seven-year-old Megan suggested it to her teachers to give her an opportunity to celebrate her love of singing.

Headteacher Dave McPartlin started the performance by telling pupils: “I am really proud of you. You are amazing. Let’s go for it.”

Speaking to ITV News, he said the success following their appearance "has been absolutely off the scale."

Mr McPartlin went on to add: "We can never beat this and that's kind of the challenge. And it just shows you that when you dare to dream, dare to fail, dare to put yourself out there, these really special things can happen and that's what we want our kids to take through."

Pointing to one of the children, he said: "You were in my office the other day and she said to me 'I could do anything in my life because I can put on my CV that I got a Golden Buzzer,' didn't you?"

It appears the school's children appreciate his efforts too. One of the children who appeared on Sunday night's show said: "Mr McPartlin is crazy, on a scale of one to 10 he'd be like a million."

Mr McPartlin added the performance, whilst fun, is all about teaching the children to enjoy new experiences and learn new skills.

When speaking to ITV News in April, the group was already planning their next performance and gave a special showing of their Golden Buzzer winning act.