No charges for ‘egg boy’ or Australian senator after spat

Police say they will not charge the Australian teenager or the senator Credit: AP/file

Police have said they will not charge an Australian teenager or a senator for a spat in which the boy cracked an egg on the politician’s head and the man retaliated.

Victoria state police said in a statement that after reviewing footage and interviewing both participants, they had issued an official caution only to 17-year-old Will Connolly.

They said they concluded Senator Fraser Anning had acted in self-defence when he twice struck the teenager afterwards.

The teenager gained fame as “Egg Boy” for egging Mr Anning in Melbourne last month, after the senator controversially blamed the Christchurch mosque massacre on Muslim immigration.

Mr Anning’s colleagues in Australia’s Parliament passed a censure motion against him last week, saying his statements blaming the victims were ugly and dangerous.