Anger grows in Brexit heartland as leave date postponed again

Leave or Remain, away from Westminster, anger and mistrust is growing on both sides of the Brexit debate.

With the UK's departure from the EU now delayed possibly until Halloween, ITV News political correspondent Daniel Hewitt spent the day in the Lincolnshire town of Skegness - a place firmly in the 'leave' camp during the 2016 referendum.

And voters at the seaside resort's Fantasy Island said they were starting to feel as though they're being taken for a ride.

"I imagine in six month's time we're probably going to be in the same place we're in now - another stalemate - where it's either going to get extended another six months, or who knows," one man said.

"I don't think we're going to leave Europe at this rate though."

Skegness was firmly in the 'leave' camp in the referendum. Credit: ITV News

Another quipped: "Halloween? The only other appropriate date may be April 1st next year."

And one woman made her fatigue with the entire issue abundently clear, responding to the news with: "Oh, God. Another six months talking about Brexit?"

Others, however, voiced hope that the time could be used constructively.

One stall-holder at Fantasy lsland said she believes there should be another referendum, and with six months to play with, said it would be perfect opportunity to put the promises made over Brexit back to the people.

"They'll have more information about what we'll get from Brexit, or what we can't do from Brexit," she said.

"At least we'll be more informed with a second referendum."

Either way, in June 2016 around three-quarters of voters in Skegness told the government they wanted out of the EU.

Three years down the line, they're still waiting.