Brad Pitt told to 'wrap it up' during plea for LA museum funding

Brad Pitt was told to "wrap it up" after his speech supporting funds for a major museum redesign in LA went over the time limit.

The Hollywood actor was among the cheerleaders for $117.5 million worth of funding to redesign the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, on top of $7.5 million already contributed.

Sitting before the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, he spoke highly of architect Peter Zumthor but went over his allotted time.

Chairwoman Janice Hahn then stopped him short, reminding him "we only have one take here" - much to the amusement of everyone there and Mr Pitt himself.

  • ITV News report by Faye Barker

He said: "I do believe he's [Peter Zumthor] one of the great architects of our time, I believe that there is no way to fully understand his work from a computer generated image.

"He is an architect that builds from the soul, for the soul. To understand what he does you really have to stand in them to understand his mastery of light and of shadow and of materials.

"He's an architect who builds moments. And what he takes in account is what the person is feeling to participate in this part of the building and this part of the building and this part of the building.

"I just can't say enough about him, I see my time's expired I could go on for another hour."

'Wrap it up' - Janice Hahn tells Brad Pitt to finish up his speech. Credit: Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

At that point, Ms Hahn responded: "I know, it gives me great pain to say wrap it up Mr Pitt, it kills me to say that."

Mr Pitt, laughing with the rest of the meeting said "we actors suffer from verbosity" before finally urging the board to "take a leap of faith" in the plans.

Fellow Hollywood star Diane Keaton also sat before the board and threw her weight behind the plans.

She started by saying that she thinks "she should leave" because everyone already knows where she stands and how "excited" she is.

She said: "I just thought I should come and be a part of this I have nothing more to say except thank you and I hope that you'll vote for it."

Both got their wish as the plans were approved.