Now that Brexit has been delayed until October 31, what happens next?

File photo dated 28/1/2019 of the Union and EU flags. Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA

Theresa May has agreed to the EU's offer of a "flexible extension" to Article 50 until October 31, with a review on progress in June, giving her six more months to either ratify or rethink her withdrawal deal.

So, now that the UK will remain in the EU for another six months, what is happening next?

  • Thursday, April 11

Theresa May will make a statement on the deal to the House of Commons.

Talks on a compromise way forward will continue at an official level between the Government and Labour.

Parliament will also break up for its Easter holiday a week late.

  • Friday, April 12

The second scheduled date for Brexit passes without the UK leaving the European Union.

Further cross-party talks are expected to be scheduled during the truncated Easter break.

The new timetable was agreed by Theresa May and European leaders at a special emergency summit in Brussels Credit: PA
  • Tuesday, April 23

Parliament returns after Easter with time running out for a possible fourth Commons vote on Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement.

Approval and ratification of the deal at any point over the coming months would allow the UK to leave immediately.

  • Thursday, May 2

Elections in English and Northern Irish local councils will give voters an opportunity to pass judgment on politicians’ handling of the Brexit process.

  • Thursday, May 23

European Parliament elections take place across Britain unless MPs have previously ratified the Withdrawal Agreement.

  • Wednesday, June 1

Automatic departure from the EU without a deal if the UK has not taken part in the European elections.

Parliament will break up for Easter a week late, on April 11. Credit: AP
  • Thursday, June 20

At the scheduled Brussels summit of the European Council, leaders of the 27 remaining member states will “review” progress towards Brexit.

  • Sunday, June 23

Third anniversary of the EU referendum.

June 23 will be the third anniversary of the EU referendum. Credit: PA
  • Tuesday, July 2

First session of the new European Parliament.

  • Saturday, September 21

Labour’s annual conference in Brighton may be the focus of renewed demands for a second referendum on Brexit.

Jean-Claude Juncker’s term in office as European Commission President ends on October 31 Credit: AP
  • Sunday, September 29

If she is still Conservative leader and the UK is still in the EU, Mrs May is likely to face anger from Tory activists at the party’s annual conference in Manchester.

  • Thursday, October 31

Final deadline for the UK to leave the EU at 11pm, with or without a deal – unless another extension has been agreed. Final day in office of European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.

  • Friday, November 1

First day of the new European Commission’s term in office.