It was a tense standoff. Police officers with guns drawn, a K9 police dog poised to leap into action, ready to tackle an intruder in the bathroom of a family home.

Officers identified themselves, demanded the suspect step out of the room - but their barked commands were ignored.

The banging noises from inside the bathroom continued, leaving the cops no choice but to enter... only to find a robot vacuum cleaner turning circles inside, bashing up again and again against the shower door.

"There's the bad guy," one of the officers is heard saying on the bodycam video of the incident, as he points his weapon at the Roomba robot cleaner.

The 'dramedy' took place in the town of Beaverton, Oregon following a 911 call from inside the property.

The caller tells the operator: "I think there's an intruder in one of the bathrooms.

"But the bathroom door is locked. We see a shadow moving around."

Officers are sent to the scene, including a dog unit, responding to a "burglary in progress" and make their way cautiously through the house.

With weapons drawn, an officer gives the 'intruder' a last chance to give themselves up.

"Come out now or you're gonna get bit," an officer is heard saying.

But once the door is opened the 'culprit' is revealed.

Officer Brian Rodgers said: "We entered the bathroom and saw a very thorough vacuuming job being done by a Roomba Vacuum cleaner.”

Washington County Sheriff's Office said the two occupants, who were house-sitting for a relative, were red-faced after calling the cops.

But they were reassured that the responding officers also believed there to be an intruder, hence the fact that they went in, weapons drawn.

Police later posted an image of the 'most wanted' vacuum cleaner with the word 'captured'.

The incident prompted much hilarity on social media, with people describing how the scene must have been "dusted for prints" and how another would-be criminal had "bitten the dust".

Another quipped about whether there were any charges: "Nope. It got clean away."