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British mum arrested in Dubai over Facebook post reunited with daughter in UK

A British mother held in Dubai over Facebook posts calling her ex-husband's wife a "horse" has arrived back in the UK.

Laleh Shahravesh, 55, landed in Heathrow on Friday morning and was reunited with her daughter Paris, 14, nearly a month after her arrest in the United Arab Emirates.

Speaking to reporters shortly after landing, Ms Shahravesh said: "I'm really, really happy to be reunited. I just want to say thank you to Radna Stirling from Detained in Dubai who worked tirelessly to get me home to my daughter.

"I'd also like to thank my lawyer Michelle Shahub in Dubai who did everything in his power to get me back my passport so I could leave last night."

Laleh Shahravesh, 55, is reunited with her daughter Paris this morning. Credit: ITV

Ms Shahravesh was detained under strict cyber-crime laws when she visited the country on March 10 with her daughter Paris, three years after writing the posts.

Detained in Dubai, the campaign group representing Ms Shahravesh said her passport was returned to her and she would be allowed to fly back to the UK.

Detained in Dubai said in a statement: "Her case has been settled by payment of a AED3,000 (£625) fine to Dubai Courts."

Dubai authorities are yet to officially comment on Ms Shahravesh's case, but she had faced faced two years in prison and a fine worth up to £50,000.

Last night, the family of Ms Shahravesh said they were "ecstatic" that a judge ruled she was allowed to fly back to the UK.

Ms Shahravesh was arrested on a trip to Dubai as she travelled to attend the funeral of her ex-husband Pedro Correia Dos Santos, the father of her daughter.

Her daughter, who was travelling with her, was allowed to return to Britain after the pair were held by police for 12 hours, but Ms Shahravesh's passport was seized, Detained In Dubai said.

Ms Shahravesh had not seen her daughter Paris for nearly a month. Credit: ITV

She was held after being accused of calling his new wife a "horse" in a Facebook post, after discovering he had remarried in 2016 to a Tunisian woman named Samah Al Hammadi.

A lawyer for Ms Al Hammadi said she was unaware that the case had been dropped and that Ms Shahravesh was allowed to travel back to the UK.

The campaign group said Ms Hammadi did not attend Thursday's hearing and had appointed a new lawyer who asked for more time to review the case.

One of the Facebook posts which campaigners claim could have seen Ms Shahravesh face two years in jail. Credit: PA

Speaking to ITV News prior to her mother's release, Paris, said since her mother's detention, she "cries every night".

The 14-year-old said the ordeal was "incredibly difficult" and she "comes home every day and just cries".

"It was unreal. I was beyond shocked. I couldn't believe it," Paris says of the arrest.

"We only went to Dubai to say goodbye to my dad. That's all I wanted. It's as if I was asking for too much."