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MSPs to examine impact of Stem teaching in early years education

The committee will examine the impact of teaching Stem subjects to young children Photo: Ben Birchall/PA

The importance of teaching science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem) to young children is to be explored by MSPs.

Holyrood’s Education and Skills Committee has launched an inquiry to examine the impact of Stem subjects on young people and to scrutinise how successfully they are being delivered.

MSPs will consider the extent to which Stem subjects are included in the learning experiences of children aged three to seven, as well as the impact it has in broadening their horizons for a future career.

The committee will seek the views of staff who teach Stem subjects to children within that age category.

Consideration will also be made over whether teachers have the skills, confidence and resources to teach Stem subjects alongside other areas in the curriculum.

The inquiry will also look at the success of different Stem initiatives, the barriers to success and also how best practice can be shared.

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Committee convener Clare Adamson MSP said: “Scottish Science Week is a great time to start this inquiry as the importance of Stem from an early age is at the forefront of events.

“There is little doubt about the importance of science, technology, engineering and maths in early years education.

“Our young people are natural engineers. Their enthusiasm for how things work and solving problems peaks at a young age, and their perceptions of what future disciplines or careers could be for them becomes set at a young age.

“So our inquiry will explore how from this early age we can create a lasting legacy of Stem skills in Scotland.

“To help us, we want to hear from those who have experience of Stem in early years education, as well as those who have been involved in promoting and supporting this work.”