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Hundreds of babies born out of IS left abandoned and malnourished in Syrian hospitals

After the horror and violence of the rule imposed by the so-called Islamic State, comes the heartbreak of their legacy.

The babies were born into the caliphate, many to foreign fighters, and are now left battling for their lives in an overcrowded hospital in a Syrian refugee camp.

Frightened and malnourished - their health is just another casualty of their parents ideology - and doctors are pleading for international help.

At least 250 children have died already and it is likely that figure will increase as their bodies show severe dehydration and poor health.

The babies in the hospital are suffering from severe dehydration and malnutrition. Credit: ITV News

From children being orphaned or left nameless to those who have been left abandoned in this hospital - all are struggling for their lives in a place where there are little medical provisions.

It is unclear how they were able to leave Baghouz, the final patch of ISIS territory, during the group's last battles for control of the town in March.

ITV News Correspondent Emma Murphy hears one of the children breathing quickly which is indicative of his severe respiratory infection that has killed so many already.

The babies and children in the hospital are frightened and malnourished. Credit: ITV News

The infections and undernourishment illustrate the physical damage done to these children.

In terms of their mental health, the frozen look on their faces and their continuous staring marks just another reminder of the depths to their shock, after having lived most of the lives through war.

These children have lost or perhaps never had any playfulness.