Nick Ross: Police had ‘foolish view’ Jill Dando death was linked to Crimewatch

Jill Dando was shot and killed in Fulham in 1999 Credit: PA

Police investigating the murder of Crimewatch host Jill Dando had a “scattergun approach” and a “foolish view” it was linked to the show, former co-host Nick Ross has claimed.

Miss Dando, then one of the BBC’s highest-profile stars, was shot outside her home in Fulham, west London, nearly 20 years ago.

Mr Ross, who left Crimewatch in 2007 after 23 years, told the Daily Mirror he did not believe Miss Dando was targeted due to her role.

He told the paper: “The thing is, and not so much the fault of the senior investigating officer, but top brass, they had this intuitive and, we thought, rather foolish view, it would be to do with Crimewatch.

“In modern times, there has never been a judge attacked for sending someone down, a prosecuting solicitor, or anybody. It’s just not the way it happens here.

“And when I contacted colleagues in the States, it was as rare as hen’s teeth there.”

Barry George was cleared of murdering TV presenter Jill Dando Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA

He added that appeals were “frustrating” when police had a “scattergun approach”.

Barry George was arrested on suspicion of murder in 2000, one year after Miss Dando was killed.

Mr George was convicted and imprisoned for eight years, then acquitted and released after a retrial.