From 'uncertainTEA' mugs to 'soft' and 'hard' egg cups - Painter records Brexit on crockery

The Brexit Ware collection include 'soft and hard Brexit' egg cups. Credit: Brexit Ware

Brexit will be recorded in the history books but a painter has decided to go one step further and document the UK's exit from the European Union on crockery.

Harriet Coles, the creator of Brexit Ware, started painting what was happening in the political sphere even before the EU referendum had taken place.

However as soon as the result came through, she started mass producing her original designs in Stoke-on-Trent, which now include egg cups labelled "soft Brexit" and "hard Brexit", and an "uncertainTEA" teacup .

"There's a whole history out there, of political pots in Britian," the 54-year-old explained of her venture.

"If you go to any local museum, you will find a piece or 10 and I just thought that Brexit was a sufficiently big enough event in British history for me to add to the tradition."

The Weeping Willow side plate features a broken bridge between the British and French coasts. Credit: Brexit Ware

Ms Coles' other pieces include the Weeping Willow side plate, a design which she hopes encapsulates Brexit.

It features a bridge between the French and British coasts which the Brits have pulled down, a French man holding up his hands stopping people trading with the UK, Big Ben knocked down and Angela Merkel watching over as events unfold.

The painter said her designs are not about her own political views, and she does not want to lobby anyone, but it "really is about recording Brexit for all of us".

"[In the future] we might have museum goers who ask what is this strange thing, B-r-e-x-i-t?

"It's that sort of spirit," she said.

The 'uncertainTEA' teacup and saucer is Harriet's latest piece. Credit: Brexit Ware

"My take on the whole saga will always be the next piece I'm going to produce and what I'm trying to produce at the moment is a dog's bowl called the dog's dinner, and some of the Westminster going ons around the rim."

Ms Coles' latest piece is an "UncertainTEA" teacup and saucer set with various annotations inside the teacup saying "deal", "people's vote", "dystopia" and "single market".

Read the tea leaves to predict the Brexit future. Credit: Brexit Ware

Ms Coles' designs are on sale in several museums in the UK.

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has even included the "soft and hard Brexit" egg cups in their upcoming exhibition, FOOD: Bigger than the Plate.

The painter has said the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and even has some celebrity fans, most notably the scientist Brian Cox who was gifted a design from his wife on his birthday.

"His birthday is on Beast from the East and I was sat with no boiler, no heating, I was in about 10 blankets.

"My phone then went into a sea of notifications, every one of his Twitter followers had started to buy something," Harriet said.

She added: "One of the great payments for doing this is the feedback from people, everyone has greeted the project very positively.

"This was intended to be about our experience and the fact that people want to have something for posterity is the right thing to happen really, it's lovely, really lovely."