Charles and Camilla head to Germany just before European elections

Prince Charles and Camilla have been sent on a Brexit charm offensive in Germany - two weeks before the European elections that the UK are so desperate to avoid.

Despite the UK's well-publicised difficulties with securing an exit from the EU, the heir to the throne will have to navigate a tricky diplomatic path during a high profile three-day visit.

The office of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall announced today that the pair are going on the official visit at the request of the British government.

All royal visits are usually carried out in consultation with the Foreign Office and ministers do not shied away from using the Royal Family to employ their 'soft power' on these tours.

The Queen in Berlin, 2015. Credit: PA

Members of the family sit above politics and stick to a convention which means they avoid getting involved in party political matters.

However, the British Monarchy is very popular in Germany - partly because of its heritage.

The visit will take place at a particularly sensitive time, as Theresa May wrestles with her Brexit timetable.

Charles and Camilla will visit Berlin, where they will meet the country's President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, then move to Leipzig and Munich.

There is no confirmation yet whether they will meet with the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the historic centre of Heidelberg in 2017. Credit: AP

Leipzig, one of the biggest cities in the former East Germany, played a key role in the 'Peaceful Revolution' which eventually led to the end of the division of Germany.

The country, which was divided after the Second World War, was reunited in 1990.

A statement from Clarence House said the short royal tour would "demonstrate the depth and breadth of the UK-Germany bilateral relationship and its enduring importance to both countries".

That statement appeared to acknowledge the relationship with Germany which would continue after the UK has left the EU.

Prince Charles on a visit to Germany in 2013. Credit: AP

The most recent high profile royal visit to Germany was in 2017 when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge toured the country with their - then - two children, George and Charlotte.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh made a state visit there in 2015.

Her son will celebrate her birthday on his visit in May with the British Ambassador.

The Prince of Wales has visited Germany more than thirty times after first going there in in 1962.