Jeremy Hunt attempts to explain Brexit to Japanese students in less than 90 seconds

Jeremy Hunt has delivered a whistle-stop explanation of Brexit to Japanese students during a visit to a high school in Tokyo.

The foreign secretary's visit to Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya High School comes ahead of his meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Addressing a classroom of students in front of a blackboard with his sleeves rolled up, Mr Hunt attempted to describe Britain's changing role.

"Many countries in the EU, their vision for the EU is they would like one day Europe to become one country like the United States of America and they think that Europe will become stronger that way," Mr Hunt said.

"But Britain has a different vision of our own history, we always want to remain totally independent."

Jeremy Hunt spoke to students at Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya High School in Japanese. Credit: PA

Mr Hunt said Britain did not want to sever ties with the continental mainland though.

"We want to stay the best of friends with our neighbours in Europe as well because there are many wonderful things in Europe and we want to be open to those as well," he added.

The foreign secretary - a fluent Japanese speaker - also addressed the pupils in their native tongue as he made the official visit to the country.

After his visit to the school, he praised students on Twitter saying: "If my kids grow up to be half as intelligent and well behaved as the children at Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya High school this morning I'll be a very proud Dad."