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Fire-ravaged Notre-Dame continues to inspire Paris's famous street artists

For centuries the Gothic splendour of Notre-Dame has been been inspiring artists, its famous twin belfries and spire recreated in oil, watercolour and charcoal by professorial and amateur painters alike.

In the shadow of the fire-damaged cathedral, Paris's famous street artists once again lined the Left Bank.

Credit: ITV News

This time, they were there to capture the latest chapter in 'Our Lady's' 850 year history, one marked by "countless defacements and mutilations," as Victor Hugo wrote in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, his masterpiece that inspired the cathedral's last renaissance in the early 19th century.

Her spire may have fallen in the catastrophic blaze on Monday night that threatened to destroy this architectural masterpiece, but Notre-Dame has survived the worst.

One artist told ITV News she wanted to come and paint today to mark this time in the cathedral's history.

An artist painting Notre-Dame the day after the fire that nearly destroyed the cathedral. Credit: *

One historical architecture student told ITV News he felt he had to come to the bank of Seine today.

"It's not easy to see Notre-Dame without her roof.

"It was time to draw her, unfortunately.

"It is the centre of the history of France, the history of Paris, the centre of our hearts."