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Hollywood's Anne Hathaway admits she had five day hangover before quitting drinking

The Hollywood star has said she is going to stop drinking for the sake of her son. Credit: AP

Les Miserables star Anne Hathaway has revealed a five day hangover was part of the reason she decided to quit drinking.

The Hollywood star announced earlier this year she is quitting booze for the next 18 years, allowing her to be there more for her three-year-old son whilst he lives at home.

Clarifying her decision, Hathaway told Tatler magazine: "My issue is I just love it. So. Much. But the way I do it makes me unavailable for my son."

She revealed the long hangover came after a session of heavy day-drinking with friends, followed by a birthday party with one of her drinking buddies.

Hathaway's drinking habits mean she felt the need to cut back on what she consumes. Credit: AP

The 36-year-old joked that she might have turned out to be an alcoholic if she had not gone into acting.

She added: "Just because I don't totally love the way I do it and he's getting to an age where he really does need me all the time in the morning."

"I will never be that person who can nurse a glass of wine throughout an entire evening."

The Oscar winner also said when she was younger she was warned she would struggle to get good roles once she reached her mid-30s.

She told the magazine: "I was always told that once I turned 35 I would turn into a pumpkin and never get a good part again.

"It makes me sad that the world tells me my skin is somehow less valuable than it used to be, but I don't listen and I don't agree."